Watch How One District Overhauled Their PD Plan To Increase Teacher Effectiveness

District leaders share how they...

  • Structure Professional Learning goals around instructional vision and standards alignment.
  • Build a Model for teacher recertification; Plan. Align to Goals. Differentiate. Track.
  • Maximize the Impact of Student Learning through instructional rigor and classroom technology.
  • Motivate Teachers to build a positive learning culture and cultivate leadership.

 Anna Baldwin is the Director eLearning and Integration at Anderson School District 5 in South Carolina. She and her team are responsible for creating and managing the district’s professional learning plan for all teachers and administrators. Anna will share how she and her team created a district professional learning plan that aligns to district level initiatives and standards. In detail, she explains how to maximize the impact of student learning and achievement through deeply integrating instructional rigor as well as technology in the instructional environments

Tiffany Osborne is the Associate Principal at Robert Anderson Middle School in Anderson 5. Tiffany shares her experience on how to implement rigor and relevance into the professional learning experience at the school level. Through blended PD and observational data collection, she helps teachers improve their effectiveness and technology integration use through modification, redefinition, augmentation, and substitution. She explains the “Pineapple Model” for peer efficacy that helps build a positive professional learning culture.  

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