Watch How to Create an Effective Faculty & Staff Professional Growth Strategy

School leaders share the details on a robust multi-pronged approach that...

  • Differentiates professional development based on interests, struggles, strengths, and needs 
  • Is purposeful, proactive, and qualitative with clear structure, expectations, and direction 
  • Increases leadership effectiveness and gives leaders an easy way to distribute targeted teacher training
  • Incorporates 360-evaluations with a 4-pronged evaluation plan 

Linda Mudgett is the Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Bay Area Christian School in League City, Texas. In conjunction with other school leaders, Linda helped create the school’s first Faculty and Staff Growth Strategy. Prior to this plan, there was no clear direction of what professional growth should look like. Now the school, teachers, and students are thriving from the results of their robust, multi-prong strategy. Their strategy focuses on differentiating professional development that is based on individual interests, struggles, strengths, and needs. Linda shares her plan and the impacts it’s had on their school.  

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