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April 14, 2018 | Starting at 10:00 AM ET

Event Schedule  

Session 1: 10am - 10:30am ET with Jerry Swiatek "Save Time and Paper: Collecting Student Work in a Paperless Classroom"  

Running a paperless classroom is great, but figuring out how students will turn in their digital work can be tricky. Many school districts do not allow students to use email during school, and do we really need to know our students' personal email addresses? In this session, join Jerry Swiatek as he explores how you can use Google Drive to collect your students' digital works. He will also explore several tools that can be used with these services to help transform the way students turn in their work. Learn how easy it can be to begin the transition to a paperless classroom using Dropbox or Google Drive.

Session 2: 11am - 11:30am ET with Tia Simmons "Getting the Most Out of Google Forms"  

If you have never used Google Forms, you are missing out on a tool that can save you time, engage your students, and inform your instruction. If you have used Google Forms, you know how useful they can be for collecting and analyzing data, giving quizzes, doing formative assessments, conducting surveys, and so much more! Join Tia Simmons for an informative overview of Google Forms. In addition to pointing out great features and where to find them, Tia will provide a brief explanation of Google Forms, as well as tips, advice, and suggestions for using them in the classroom. Whether you are brand new to Google Forms or have used them before, come discover how to get the most out of Forms!

Session 3: 12pm - 12:30am ET with Jenna Linskens "Using Google Sites for Student Portfolios and Authentic Assessments"  

Would you like a great way for your students to demonstrate their knowledge, creativity, and skills? Google Sites is not only easy to use, but also provides students a terrific way to showcase their learning. Join Dr. Jenna Linskens as she shares effective uses and creative ways to use Google Sites in the classroom for designing student portfolios and authentic assessments. In addition, Jenna will explain how to use Google Sites to support students as they master the ISTE Standards of being an Empowered Learner and Creative Communicator.

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Session 4: 1pm - 1:30pm ET with Deb Norton "Engage Students and Enhance Learning with Innovative Activities from Google"  

Would you like to engage students and enhance learning with a variety of activities and experiments that can be used across curriculum? Join Deb Norton as she explores some of the newest activities and experiments from Google. In addition to showing how to access and find them, she will discuss how these ready-made, innovative Google activities can be incorporated into your lessons or projects in a variety of subjects. Deb will explore a range of activities, including some that use your voice, actions, or drawings in games and storytelling. She will also show how you and your students can learn about concepts such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented reality in simple, creative ways.

Session 5: 2pm - 2:30pm ET with Paula Naugle "10 Google Search Tips to Help You Find the Info You Need" 

With so much information on the Internet, it can be difficult to sift through search results to find just the information you need - unless you know some tricks to narrowing your searches. In this fast-paced, participatory webinar you will learn some Google search tips and tricks that will help you and your students search more effectively and efficiently. Join Paula Naugle as she shares how to be a better online researcher.

Session 6: 3pm - 3:30pm ET with Shervette Miller-Payton "Use Google Tools to Improve Communication with Parents"  

Connecting with parents is vital for a successful classroom. Using Google tools such as Gmail, Calendar, Blogger, Voice, Docs, and Translate can make this connection easier. This webinar will show you easy ways to regularly update parents (even those who speak a different language) and to help them get involved in the classroom. No more fiddling around with communication logs or giving out your personal phone number. Join Shervette Miller-Payton as she shares tips to help you stay organized and stress-free.