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Discover the best ways to engage students and reinforce concepts. (Find out in Session #2)

Figure out what your students already know and what they want to know about any subject. (Find out in Session #3)

Learn the top 7 ways to help struggling students. (Find out in Session #5)

Online Event Schedule

  • Session #1: 10am - 10:30am ET with Jerry Swiatek

"Chromebooks 101: An Intro to Using Chromebooks in the Classroom"

  • Session #2: 11am - 11:30am ET with Kim Munoz 

"Getting to Know Google Chrome Web Tools and Apps" 

  • Session #3: 12pm - 12:30pm ET with Monica Burns 

"Formative Assessment with Chromebooks: Tools to Check for Understanding"

  •  Session #4: 1pm - 1:30pm ET with Naomi Harm 

"Get in the Game with Chromebook Game Infused Student Learning Centers"

  • Session #5: 2pm - 2:30pm ET with Shelly Sanchez-Terrell 

"Chrome Extensions to Support Struggling Students"

  • Session #6: 3pm - 3:30pm ET with Jenna Linskens 

"Using Chrome Extensions to Differentiate Instruction "


Saturday, June 3rd, 6 Sessions 10:00am - 3:30pm ET

Free Online Event!


Webinar attendees gain access to our eBook, "The Best Google Chrome Extensions" for attending any session!