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Want to Infuse Video Into Your Google Classroom?

Take your Google Classroom to the next level by incorporating video into your teaching. Whether you're using YouTube videos or making your own screencasting videos (or anything in-between), there's lots to learn about infusing video into your Google Classroom. This webinar will help you use video to increase student participation and engagement in a Google Classroom environment. Whether you're teaching remotely, or in a physical classroom, this webinar is great for all teachers. Join Matt Bergman as he walks you through using video in Google Classroom step-by-step.

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This Free Webinar Will Show You:

How to take your Google Classroom to the next level by incorporating videos!

Ways to infuse YouTube videos, screencasting videos (or anything in-between) into your Google Classroom!

Tips for increasing student engagement and participation whether you're teaching traditionally or remotely!