September 30, 2017. Starting at 10:00 am ET

Event Schedule  

Session 1: 10am - 10:30am ET with Monica Burns "Using Google Hangouts for Virtual Field Trips: Tips & Tricks"  

Field trips allow students to meet with experts in various areas or visit locales away from the classroom, but frequently budgets and other constraints make them difficult or impossible to arrange. There is an easier way! Google Hangouts offers fantastic, free options for bringing guest speakers and experts to your classroom, as well as opportunities for "visiting" other locations. Learn about how Google Hangouts can be used to take students on virtual field trips. This webinar is full of tips and tricks for connecting your students to the real world. Join speaker and author Monica Burns as she shares lots of ways to use Google Hangouts for virtual field trips! 

Session 2: 11am - 11:30am ET with Jerry Swiatek "Save Time & Paper: Collecting Student Work in a Paperless Classroom"  

Running a paperless classroom is great, but figuring out how students will turn in their digital work can be tricky. Many school districts do not allow students to use email during school, and do we really need to know our students' personal email addresses? In this session, join Jerry Swiatek as he explores how you can use Dropbox or Google Drive to collect your students' digital works. He will also explore several tools that can be used with these services to help transform the way students turn in their work. Learn how easy it can be to begin the transition to a paperless classroom using Dropbox or Google Drive. 

Session 3: 12pm - 12:30pm ET with Matt Bergman "10 Ways Google Forms Can Change Your Classroom"  

Would you like to energize and personalize student learning, while saving time and streamlining assessment and data collection? Google Forms is a powerful resource, which allows you to simplify the way you assess students, collect data, and transform learning. Join Matt Bergman as he shares 10 practical ways to use Google Forms to transform your classroom! In addition, Matt will show how to create and share a Google form with your students, as well as how to view responses.  

Session 4: 1pm - 1:30pm ET with Meredith Martin "Chrome Apps & Extensions for Struggling Students"  

With the proliferation of 1:1 programs and BYOT, schools are exploring more EdTech solutions to meet the technology needs of learners. With all of this technology, what happens to the struggling student? In this session, join Meredith Martin as she discusses an array of Google Chrome apps and extensions that could be beneficial to ALL students. She will share how to leverage the power of this common browser so that you can make significant customizations to meet the needs of all students. Students can use this browser on any web-enabled device and have their supports follow them. Meredith will cover a plethora of free Google apps and extensions to assist students in the areas of reading, writing, organization, study skills, mind-mapping, brainstorming, executive function, math, and computing.  

Session 5: 2pm - 2:30pm ET with Shervette Miller-Payton "Using Depth of Knowledge & Google Tools to Promote Deeper Thinking"  

Would you like to move beyond busy work and promote deeper thinking and increased rigor in your classroom? You can engage your students' full thinking process by implementing the 4 levels of Depth of Knowledge (DOK) in your classroom instruction. Join Shervette Miller-Payton as she shows how you can apply DOK, along with a variety of Google apps, to take students from basic, rote memorization to strategic, extended thinking. Come discover project ideas using apps such as Google Classroom, Voice, Drive, Chrome, Hangouts, Sites, YouTube, World Wonders, and Visualizer, to challenge and invigorate your learners.  

Session 6: 3pm - 3:30pm ET with Dawn Berkeley "The Top 5 Chrome App Extensions for Researching & Writing"  

Are you looking for new ways to leverage your Chromebooks for easier and better research and writing? Do you wish your students could invest more critical thinking time in their writing, rather than worrying over incorrect formatting of bibliographies? If so, then this session is for you. Join Dawn Berkeley as she shares several Google Chrome apps and extensions that can help facilitate the researching and writing process. In addition to showing how to access and use each app, she we will provide suggestions for using them in the classroom.