Webinar Event for Administrators

Jayme Linton

Monica Burns

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You'll Discover...

  • The quickest and easiest ways to do classroom observations using Google Forms plus step-by-step directions on how to create your own
  • Free and easy-to-learn technology tools to help you change up your presentation and keep your audience interested
  • Tips to help increase focus and engagement during your faculty meetings 
  • Online Session 1: 

Using Google Forms and Tablets for Classroom Walk-Throughs with Jayme Linton

Using Google Forms, administrators can quickly and easily create walk-through forms for classroom observations. These forms can then be accessed on iPads and other tablets, making them easy to access from anywhere. In this webinar, join Jayme Linton as she shows how to create a walk-through form, access it on a tablet, and analyze data in Google Spreadsheets.

  • Online Session 2: 

Presentation Tools to Energize Your Faculty Meetings with Monica Burns

Are you looking for a way to grab the attention of your audience during faculty meetings and professional development sessions? Or are your faculty and staff a bit bored with the typical PowerPoint presentations? Join Monica Burns as she provides an overview of different online resources and iPad apps that can be used to create engaging presentations. These free and easy-to-learn technology tools will help you change it up from your usual PowerPoint routine!

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Topics covered: K12 policy, classroom technology, school systems, personalized learning, equity, and much more.