Webinar Event for Administrators

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  • Online Session 1: 

Increase Collaboration and Maximize Results by Flipping Your Faculty Meetings with Jayme Linton

You've probably heard about flipping classroom instruction, but have you ever thought of applying those same principles to your faculty meetings? In this webinar you will learn about the advantages of flipping your faculty meetings, as well as the tools and processes you can use to flip the meetings. Join Jayme Linton as she shows how you can use technology to maximize faculty meetings, increase collaboration and shared decision-making, and provide time to engage with your staff during faculty meetings.

  • Online Session 2: 

Take the Future Ready Challenge: Raising Student Achievement in 18 Weeks with Rob Furman

Do the teachers and admins at your school embrace and teach the digital age skills that your students need, or are they stuck teaching the same old way because that's the "way they've always done it"? Sometimes change can seem difficult, or sometimes we are simply unsure of how to get started, but for the sake of our students' future, we need to incorporate meaningful changes to our school systems. Join Dr. L. Rob Furman as he looks at a variety of easy-to-implement challenges and examples from his book, "Future Ready Challenge: Improve Student outcomes in 18 Weeks." He will share how these weekly challenges can make a difference for all students in the classroom by improving the digital age skills they need. Come discover a starting point and strategies for making meaningful change that will impact your students now and in their future!

You'll Discover...

  • Tech tools you can use to flip your faculty meetings and how that will lead to increased collaboration
  • Easy-to-implement challenges that will help improve digital age skills
  • Meaningful changes you can easily make that will have a major impact on your students future