Jerry Swiatek

Lyn Hilt

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  • 10 tech skills every administrator should have and how to develop them
  • Time-saving features of Google Docs, Forms, and Sheets you can use to streamline your tasks
  • Tips to help you easily collaborate, communicate, document, and survey
  • Online Session 1: 

Top 10 Tech Skills that Administrators Should Have with Jerry Swiatek

Are you a tech-savvy admin who models effective technology use for your teachers and students? Do you have the essential tech skills you need to help you integrate technology into your daily administrative tasks? Do you know what technology skills would help you most? Join Jerry Swiatek as he discusses 10 technology skills that every school administrator should have. Come discover why these skills are important and what you can do with them.

  • Online Session 2: 

Streamlining Tasks with G Suite for Education: An Administrator's Guide with Lyn Hilt

As an administrator, are you constantly struggling to keep up with a variety of tasks and duties? Would you like to streamline some of those tasks and save valuable time and effort? In this webinar, join Lyn Hilt as she discusses Google Docs, Forms, and Spreadsheets, and shares some of their time-saving features that you can use on a daily basis. The webinar will show how you can use these free G Suite for Education apps to collaborate, communicate, document, or survey.