Webinar Event for Administrators

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  • 30 Minute Online Session 1: 

10 Ways to Use Social Media to Tell Your School's Story with Monica Burns

  • 30 Minute Online Session 2: 

Innovative Professional Development: Ideas for Making It Relevant and Meaningful with Lyn Hilt

How do you tell your school's story? Social media provides schools with new avenues to share the great work happening in classrooms with the wider community. Join Dr. Monica Burns, founder of ClassTechTips.com to learn about the best strategies, tips, and tools for telling your community and the world about the successes at your school. Monica will include advice and guidance for those just getting started, as well as suggest ways you can take your school's social media use to the next level.

Providing teachers with autonomy in their learning during professional development and in-service days is proving to be a successful strategy for today's school leaders. Using the models of Atlassian's "FedEx Days," Google's 20% time, and the "unconference" model inspired by Edcamps, school leaders can promote autonomy among their teachers with substantial learning outcomes. Learn how easy it is to design and implement this type of professional development day in your school. Join Lyn Hilt as she shares examples from schools that have successfully enjoyed these days of learning.

You'll Walk Away Knowing...

  • The best strategies you can use to spotlight great work happening at your school via various social media platforms
  • How to best support teacher autonomy and prevent apathy, and how doing this one thing will lead to substantial learning outcomes for your school
  • What "FedEx Days," "20% Time," and "Unconference" models are, plus easy ways you can incorporate them into a fun day of learning that your teachers will love