Webinar Event for Administrators

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  • 30 Minute Online Session 1: 

How School Leaders Can Simplify Data Collection with Google Forms with Monica Burns

  • 30 Minute Online Session 2: 

Crisis Management Communicating and Staying Connected to Staff, Parents, and Students with Brad Currie

Would you like an easy way to document walk-throughs, classroom observations, or other data? Would you and your teachers like the perfect way to record and analyze student progress, knowledge, and performance? In this webinar, join Dr. Monica Burns as she shows how to create forms to efficiently keep track of notes, observations, anecdotal evidence, baselines, assessments, and more using one of her favorite free and customizable tools - Google Forms! Whether you or your teachers carry a tablet, use a laptop, or work from a desktop, this data collection tool will revolutionize how you keep track of data, document achievement, and analyze. In addition, Monica will share examples of forms and the types of data you can collect and input.

Communicating and staying connected during a crisis - whether it is a natural disaster or man-made - is critical for 21st century school leaders. Leveraging the power of technology, specifically social media, mobile devices, and Web-based tools, enables all school stakeholders to stay informed before, during, and after an emergency. Other tools enable school staff to communicate with outside agencies during a time of crisis when school is in session. Effective communication not only keeps students and staff safer, but can also help decrease response times, reduce ambiguity, and lessen stress. Join Brad Currie as he discusses various Web-based tools and technologies that can assist schools with becoming more transparent and efficient during crisis.

You'll Discover...

  • The one tool you need for classroom walkthroughs that will work across any device
  • Examples of the best forms for data collection and how to analyze progress, knowledge, and performance
  • Why communicaton is key in 21st century classrooms and the best toolst o use to connect with staff, parents, and students