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Free Google Online Event 

March 31, 2018 Starting at 10:00 am ET 


Online Webinar Event Schedule

Session 1: 10am - 10:30am ET with Jerry Swiatek "Google Tools: An Intro for Educators" 

Maybe you've heard about Google tools, but don't know what all the excitement is about, or maybe you've begun exploring Google tools and want to learn what other great tools Google might have. In this intro to Google tools, Jerry Swiatek will explore various Google tools that would make terrific additions to your digital toolkit. He will include a discussion of Google Drive, as well as various other Google Apps and Extensions that are great for educators. In addition, Jerry will provide a brief explanation of Google Classroom and Google for Education, along with the benefits of each. 

Session 2: 11am - 11:30am ET with Tia Simmons "Go Google for Presentations"  

Have you ever wanted students to collaborate on presentations outside of class, but file sharing and logistics were a problem? Or have you ever wanted to give a presentation, but weren't sure if the computer available had the right software installed? Or perhaps your school just can't afford the presentation software. In this webinar, we will cover a presentation application that easily solves all of these problems - Google Presentations. In this webinar, join Tia Simmons, Tech Tia, as she shows you step-by-step how to build a Google Presentation and introduces you to some of the newer features of Google Presentations. You will also learn how to share and publish your presentations. 

Session 3: 12pm - 12:30pm ET with Jayme Linton "Make Google Forms Work for You"  

You're probably familiar with Google Drive and may have used Google applications to create online documents, spreadsheets, or presentations, but have you ever used Google Forms? Google Forms is probably one of the most useful and often underutilized Google tools. In this webinar you will learn how to put Google Forms to work for you! Google Forms can be used for surveys, process checks, formative assessments, contact logs, exit tickets, and much more! Join Jayme Linton as she shows you how to create, use, and share Google Forms. Sample classroom and administrative Forms will be shared. Educators and administrators at all grade levels are encouraged to attend. 

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  • My Daily Reflection: Use this template to make individual student journals for them to use daily.
  • Character Education Brag Tags: These Editable Brag Tags for Character Development are just what you'll need for quick awards & acknowledgement.
  • 10 Read Alouds & More for Teaching Fractions: This fraction activity includes read alouds and introduction videos with QR codes, a KWL to use at the beginning, during and end of your fraction unit.

How to Create Templates in Google Slides

Take a look at this 3-minute problem solver, and learn how to create templates in Google Slides. Google Slides is a free presentation tool that allows you to create and share presentations for free online.  

If you don't want to create your own template from scratch, there are tools out there that can help you out. Slides Carnival offers free basic templates for Google Slides and Powerpoint. They have different template categories to browse through like Simple, Creative, Inspirational, and Formal.