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Saturday, 24 March 2018, at 10:00 AM ET

Session 1: 10 - 10:30am ET with Matt Bergman "Amazing Digital Projects for All Students with Google Tools"

It has been said that a good picture is worth a thousand words - and students of all ages can use pictures to develop and convey what they know. Google Apps, Extensions, and Add-ons are amazing tools that students of all ages can use to create digital projects that allow them to demonstrate knowledge and express themselves. Join Matt Bergman as he shares how you can combine the power of Google, images, and videos to develop powerful learning experiences for all students. In addition to discussing the tools, Matt will share examples of how they can be used in the classroom. 

Session 2: 11 - 11:30am ET with Lyn Hilt "Google Drive: An Intro to Free Collaborative Tools for Your Classroom"

Would you like to have access to documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and more that you and your students can share or access from anywhere – for free? Google Drive and a variety of other Google tools allow you to do just that! Join Lyn Hilt as she provides you with an overview of Google Drive, as well as the types of tools it offers and how to find them. She will also show to create, share, and use an example collaborative document. In addition, Lyn will share suggestions for how they can be used in a classroom and give a brief explanation of Google Classroom and Google Apps for Education, along with the benefits of each. 

Session 3: 12 - 12:30pm ET with Meredith Martin "Fabulous Forms: Amazing Ways to Integrate Google Forms"

Google Forms is an incredibly versatile, but often overlooked, free tool for both teachers and students. From basic surveys, to exit tickets, to parent or peer feedback, to auto-differentiating quizzes, forms have almost endless potential for collecting, organizing, and assessing information. In this webinar, join Meredith Martin as she takes a look at a variety of ways to use forms in the classroom to streamline your teaching and assess student learning. You'll leave with a toolkit packed with sample forms you can start using right away..

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Finding Photos for Student Projects

Often times our classroom needs photos for student projects — but where is a safe, reliable place to find them? I have the perfect resource to share with you… Watch above as SimpleK12’s Teacher Learning Community Trainer Monica Burns shares how to search for photos using Photos for Class.

Creating Easy, Fun Personalized Learning

  • The 4 key elements of personalized learning and how to apply them in your classroom 
  • Free resources and the best tools you can use today to get started with personalized learning
  • Activities and lesson plan ideas that ensure every student is engaged that take little to no prep time