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Saturday, 21 April 2018 10:00 AM ET

Session 1: 10 - 10:30am ET with Jerry Swiatek "Top 10 Mistakes Teachers Make When Using Technology and How to Avoid Them"

When you use technology with your class, do you think that you are you using it correctly? Or are you unknowingly making mistakes that you should avoid? In this webinar, join Jerry Swiatek, a district technology specialist, as he covers the top 10 mistakes that educators make when using technology. You will learn not only what these mistakes are, but also how you can avoid making these mistakes in the future. 

Session 2: 11 - 11:30am ET with Matt Bergman "Manage Your Classroom and Your Students with 21st Century Web Tools"

Technology can be an awesome tool to enhance instruction in today's classroom, but have you considered how you might use it as a classroom management tool? Join Matt Bergman as he shows how educators can implement a variety of Web tools and apps to run an efficient classroom. Learn how to manage and communicate positive and negative student behaviors; discover how to manage tasks and electronically check them off your electronic "to-do" list; and find out how to keep track of time and stay on task. If you are looking for quick and easy tools to run a smoother classroom, then this is the webinar for you!

Session 3: 12 - 12:30pm ET with Shelly Sanchez-Terrell "Survival Tips and Project Ideas for Teaching with Technology"

Many of today's learners have daily access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) that push their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to new heights. How do we best support learning with ICTs so that students stay on track and aren't navigating alone? How do we use technology in a way that promotes creativity and critical thinking skills? In this session, join Shelly Terrell as she shares tips for managing a classroom full of technology. She will also suggest project ideas and ways that teachers can effectively integrate technology to support higher order thinking skills.

"Great webinar packed with relevant and helpful information. Thank you!" - Vickie Kobeszka, Language Arts Teacher

"This was very informative. I wrote down so many ideas! Thank you!" - Carole White, Special Education Teacher 

"Really great information, Shelly! Thank you for guiding me on my path to becoming a Tech Ninja!" - Deborah Bailles D'err, Special Education Director

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